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Maison Volante celebrates the legendary and passionate union of Flora, the goddess of flowers and spring, with Zephyr, the son of Wind and Dawn. Amidst the turbulent gleams of the Wind, the thousand-year-old essence of flowers takes flight and reaches us in its most sublime form: the wondrous scent of perfume.

In this inaugural “Rose des vents” collection, Volante offers three alluring fragrances with masculine undertones and three captivating fragrances with feminine notes, each bearing the insignia of the Wind. For men, there is the invigorating HARMATTAN, the captivating JORAN, and the refreshing AQUILON. For women, there is the enchanting ALIZÉ, the sultry KHAMSIN, and the spirited VOLANTE. Each fragrance is a unique masterpiece, meticulously crafted and imbued with a distinct character that captures the essence of the Wind.

Maison Volante: Liquid Art. Pure Poetry.